Avoiding cross-contamination for allergy sufferers.

Cross contamination is a massive problem for anybody with coeliac disease. Believe it or not, a tiny breadcrumb that falls into a plate of pasta can have a huge negative effect. Many effects of coeliac, eating gluten, can cause long-term damage, especially if some of these effects are; internal bleeding, stomach and mouth sores, vomiting, short-term paralysis and in serious cases, stomach cancer. Avoiding cross-contamination for allergy sufferers is easy by following simple changes.

Select certain cookware as gluten-free only – especially shed iron. Having one designated utensil for gluten free only while the rest can touch wheat and gluten.

Keep separate spread dishes. If you spread bread, or muffins, or anything, you will probably want to consider maintaining and allergy-free butter dish, because try as you could, accidents happen, and crumbs get into your butter. Even small, tiny crumbs. Those cause damage too.

Keep in mind to serve the gluten free food first followed by the gluten food to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.