Burgers, Burgers and more Burgers!

While clothes are known for coming in and out of fashion, it seems food is following this trend too. It is not uncommon to see a new burger joint open in your local town, and that’s because Brits are going crazy for burgers!

Eating out a couple of times a week can soon take its toll on your wallet and maybe even your waistline… that’s why re-creating your favourite burger at home is a great alternative to heading out to the new burger place in town.

Using lean minced beef will help to reduce the amount of fat in the meat, and making the patty yourself means you can control exactly what goes into the burger, and the portion size too. Adding spices to the mix is a great way to bring some flavour and heat to your meal, that said you may want to add extras to the burger too, such as egg, pineapple, cheese or pickles to name a few.