Chicken kebab skewers; the perfect summertime meal

During the warmer months, it is nice to be able to cook lighter meals for the family. Chicken skewers are a great option and are packed full of flavour when prepared correctly.

To make sure the chicken is tastier than ever, cut up the chicken into consistent cube sized pieces then marinade in your preferred choice of sauce overnight in the fridge. The longer you can marinate the chicken for the better the flavours. Make sure you keep some of the marinade to one side ready for dressing before serving.

Get yourself some metal skewers and alternative place the chicken cubes and peppers onto them. Two to three skewers tend to be enough per person. Cook on the BBQ until chicken is fully cooked, and then serve on a plate with the remainder of the dressing.

Add some freshly boiled rice to the side of your plate for a light yet tasty evening summertime dinner.