Creating the ultimate burger restaurant

Burgers are becoming one of the most popular food options. The demand is being recognised with the increase in new burger restaurants. But what makes the ultimate burger restaurant?

The bun- Customers should be given the option to select a bun type, from white sesame seed to gluten-free or brioche. Everyone has their preferred type of bread.

The patty- Beef, Chicken or vegetarian. Keep it simple!

Set menu or build it yourself- While having set burgers on your menu, another great way to bring in customers is by having a build it yourself option. Burger fanatics will start creating some incredible burgers, with a large choice of optional extras.

Chip and sides- Everyone loves to order sides, even though the burger is plenty of food to satisfy anyone’s hunger. Sides should include onion rings, chicken wings and chips.

So if you are thinking of following the trend and starting up your own burger restaurant, you may want to consider following a few of these tips.