Dishwasher Settings – Create the perfect wash each and every time

It is a common occurrence with many dishwashers that sometimes they don’t wash effectively or well enough to be able to put the dishes away in the cupboard without food stains / moulded on food.

The dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning dishes and eating utensils. Dishwashers can be found in restaurants and private homes. Unlike manual dishwashing, which relies largely on physical scrubbing to remove soiling, the mechanical dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water, typically between 55 and 75 °C at the dishes, with lower temperatures used for delicate items.

However to get the perfect wash each time, you should consult with the dish washing manufacturer to ensure that you have made sure that you have configured and filled up the dishwasher with the essential salts, cleaning fluid and/or using a dishwasher tablet that effectively works with you type and method of washing the machine uses to clean dishes.