Gluten Free – Word is spreading

Ten years ago barely anybody knew what gluten was, what a coeliac was or what coeliac disease was. Now awareness has been raised and it’s thanks to many coeliac charities. More people have found that they have a gluten intolerance and it means that restaurants have had to keep up to ensure they’re able to meet the requirements of coeliacs. Britain, America and Australia are very well quipped with many restaurants listing gluten free (GF) options on their menu, but it’s now more common to see these options in Asia, Africa and throughout Europe. The fact is ‘gluten-free’ is now recognised across the globe and it’s great to see more companies meeting the demands of coeliacs, making sure they’re able to eat out and enjoy a meal without any discomfort after. Nobody has to ‘risk it’ any more, especially in the UK as there’s always a gluten free option nearby.