Greek food; The perfect catering option

If you are thinking about the perfect catering option, and want something that isn’t too overdone, you may want to consider catering Greek foods.

Greek foods are full of flavour and smell divine whilst being cooked. Cooking flavoured meats on a spit helps to lock in all the flavours of the meat, keeping them juicy and tasty. Many Greek foods can be placed within a pita style wrap, filled with salads and sauces.

A famous Greek sauce is the tzatziki sauce, this can be homemade fresh before each catering job. Tzatziki sauce is made up of cucumber, Greek natural yoghurt, lemon, garlic and dill to flavour, this works perfectly to cool down the palate after a spicy kebab, and also works great for dipping fresh bread into too.

This style of catering works really well during the warmer months, where you can cook up the meats in front of the guests, and make the food on a made to order basis.