It’s all about the cake

When it comes to baking a cake for a party or event deciding on the type of cake can be the hardest decision. With so many different choices it can be hard to choose just one. We have outlined some of the top types of cakes to consider for your next party or event.

Carrot cake- who would have thought that carrots inside a cake mixture would be so tasty, well it is. The combination of sponge and the tasty frosting on top will satisfy all your taste-buds.

Red velvet- the colour makes this cake so much more tempting to eat, however resisting the cream cheese icing simply makes it irresistible.

Coffee and walnut- for those coffee and nut lovers, there really isn’t a better combination. The coffee flavour shouldn’t overpower the cake too much, just enough to tickle the taste-buds.

Cheesecake- with its crunchy biscuit base, and a topping of your choice, resisting a cheesecake it virtually impossible.

Victoria sponge- You really can’t go wrong with a simple Victoria sponge cake.