Nut Allergies: Still a long way to go

We all have that one friend who has a serious nut allergy right? It’s been a big issue here in the UK for a number of years and it’s sad to say that restaurants aren’t quite up to speed. Don’t get me wrong your big chains are usually pretty hot on this allergy, but many restaurants are still very behind. Too many state the menu listing ‘may contain nuts’ and that’s fine but half of them probably don’t include it and it would be nice if more restaurants could be precise, after all they should know what’s going into each item. The whole ‘may contain gluten or may contain nuts’ is usually laziness, but some restaurants are scared to say something definitely doesn’t contain nuts because one bad employee could cost them thousands of pounds in a court case. We do hope though that there will be a more positive and less skeptical approach from restaurants in the future.