Spicy Chicken Recipe for Slow Cookers & Pressurised Cooking Pots

Chicken is one of the more favoured meats in the UK. It’s white succulent appeal combined with it’s many health benefits of containing high amount of rich protein and low in saturated fats (the fats that count towards cholesterol levels) spicy chicken has become an ever growing popular choice for many English residents compared to that of the traditional roast Sunday dinner.

The good thing about this particular recipe is that it is really east to make and can lead to your friends and family enjoying it greatly.

SImply add 3-4 chicken breasts into the slow cooker or pressurised cooking pot along with a teaspoon of paprika, hot curry powder and massage into the meat. This will give the chicken a fantastic colour. Then add a small amount of rice wine vinegar and again do the massage. Cook for about 15 minutes in the pressurised cooking pot and 2 hours in the slow cooker. Be amazed to this lovely meal.