The rise of Ice Tea

It may be winter so we’re all craving hot chocolate, mulled wine and hot tea, but let’s take a moment to appreciate ice tea. It’s hugely popular in hot countries like Australia, Thailand and Bali, but it is growing in the UK too. Ice tea is one of the most refreshing drinks you can buy and it’s packed with healthy ingredients too. Rather than sipping fizzy drinks at work, home or at your favourite restaurant, give ice tea a try. You can now find that it’s available in most cafes and restaurants and it’s perhaps the large number of seasoned travellers who are making so popular here in the UK too. Fellow Brits who spend time in Australia quickly realise just how big it is out there; you can buy mango flavour, peach, lemon and even green tea flavours, and as we get more of these ranges come to the UK they’ll only get more popular.