Winter pudding ideas for the whole family

Winter is coming up and the colder days make warming pudding even more tempting than usual. Winter puddings will help keep you and your family warm and satisfied on a cold evening together this winter. Out top winter puddings are as followed:

Apple crumble and custard- Cooked apples topped with a crumble made from flour and butter. This tastes great hot or cold and can be nicely accompanied with a warm pot of custard.

Treacle sponge and custard- This classic never fails to satisfy the whole family. The light sponge is complimented with a rich treacle syrup at the base. Custard helps warm you through and mellows down the sweetness of the treacle.

Molton chocolate cake- Combining soufflé and a flourless mixture to produce a warm chocolate wonder. Nothing beats a chocolate craving more than a molten chocolate cake, with its sponge outside and the lava chocolate centre that pours out with the first spoonful.